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Aug 19, 2013 9:00am EDT
, tranquilos, no sean envidiosos. >>> con el honor que me otorgan los paparrines noveleros, ahÍ te va. >>> le simbraste la cabeza guev sÍ. >>> estÁ chanfleando. >>> ahora estamos listos para "la tempestad"! >>> sÍ. venga. ♪. ♪. ♪. ♪ y que te sientas mujer solamente conmigo♪. ♪ hoy tengo ganas de ti. ♪ hoy tengo ganas de ti. ♪. >>> bueno. dice. ♪ y descubrir el amor juntos cada maÑana♪. ♪ dice, hoy tengo ganas de ti♪. ♪ hoy tengo ganas de como capiÁ como hombre. >>> adiÓs. >>> seÑores, lo que jamÁs imaginÓ que tomarÍa el timÓn de la "la tempestad." >>> luisito. >>> no. >>> le voy a ceder el honor a mi niÑa. >>> serÍa mi viejita. >>> mi niÑa. >>> la niÑa. >>> como no estÁ francisca, dele el honor. >>> jhonny dale play. >>> sÍ, y jhonny, jhonny. >>> no, no, yo no. >>> dale play. (risas) >>> casi le da el beso. >>> no quiero seguir mi vida que no sea con la mujer que amo. a fin de cuentas usted serÁ una mujer muy feliz, usted, tiene un marido que tiene todo el dinero del mundo, que le darÁ todo lo que le pida, pero sabe quÉ, por todo el dinero que ten
Aug 25, 2013 3:00pm EDT
presentation brought to you by my pillow incorporated. >>> we are fox sports. >> sean payton was suspended for the season. >> they're going to lose games. >> what in the world is going on? >> a crushing defeat. the season is over. houston is done. [ cheers ] >> over the middle, touchdown! >> touchdown texas. rock and roll. ♪ >> takes it uh to the end zone. touchdown. are you kidding me? ♪ >>> even though he put uphuge numbers drew brees wants to put last season behind him. he has head coach sean payton back to help lead the potent saints passing attack. matt schaub led the taexans to title before the playoffs. the question is can they get over the hump? it is week three of the nfl preseason. the saints battle the texans from houston. special edition of fox nfl sunday. they have the roof open. we are under the dome at our fox football daily studios in los angeles. come in and stay a while. i'm curt menafee with randy moss, brian urlacher. you can catch us on fox football daily on america's new sports network, fox sports 1 monday through friday at 6:00 eastern time, 3:00 pacific. >> taha
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2